Features & benefits of social trading with CopyFX

RoboForex does offer Social Trading. This is a collaborative exchange trading. Transactions can be viewed publicly on corresponding platforms on the Internet and can be mirrored or copied by other users. This is also called copy trading, mirror- or signal trading. In the parlance of the social trading platform CopyFX, investors follow the traders they have chosen.

Investors benefit from easier and faster investment decisions by replicating successful traders’ transactions with their own assets. Traders benefit from commissions and profit sharing. They also strengthen their image and their status as experts.

Features of CopyFX

As a modern social trading platform, CopyFX offers all the necessary functions and numerous comfort functions for collaborative forex trading. Users can participate as a trader, as an investor or in both roles.

The portal is easy to understand, user-friendly and transparent. An intelligent rating system makes it easy for investors to decide which trader to follow.

Investors at CopyFX either pay only for copied transactions that bring profit, or they pay for all replicated transactions of a trader. Traders determine the type of payment as well as the commission rate and the profit share individually.

New traders with no or only a few reviews have good entry opportunities: They can initially work without commission. That attracts investors. If successful, the number of positive reviews gradually increases, while the traders have already built up a pool of loyal investors.

Some advantages of CopyFX at a glance:

Complete transparency for traders and investors
Simple, easy to understand use
Convenient additional functions
Suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders and investors
Variety of account types for different trading strategies
Copying is also possible with different account types
MetaTrader 4 as the most popular forex trading platform
Investor can cancel or adjust copied transactions
Traders work freely and undisturbed within the framework of the work platform
More information about the social trading platform CopyFX is available on the website www.copyfx.com