Oil Price Shock 2022 Analtics

Bruegel writes in “The impact of the oil-price shock on net oil exporters” about the corellations from Energy / Oil, Food and Metals. Check their observations from 2015 here:

2000 – 2015 Food, Metals, Energy / Oil price shock from https://www.bruegel.org/2015/11/the-impact-of-the-oil-price-shock-on-net-oil-exporters/

Some big players were already buying before this price shock. Buffett and Gates, for example. Gates Companys bought stakes in companies involved in nuclear power and rare metal mining. He (his companys) is also the largest landowner in the US.

On the effects of world stock market and oil price shocks on food prices: An empirical investigation based on TVP-VAR models with stochastic volatility

Ikram Jebabli, Mohamed Arour & Frédéric Teulon (from CRCGM, Université d’Auvergne, France, EDHEC Business School, France, IPAG Business School, IPAG Lab, France) wrote in their ScienceDirect Article also about the effects from rising energy prices already in September 2014.

How does the price shock affect the GDP?

In “Historical energy price shocks and their changing effects on the econommy
from Dirk Janvan de Ven & Roger Fouquet we can see a weighted energy price chart from 1700 till ~2016

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