Nature Based Solutions

Where does all the money go, after the WEF Great Reset Steps we are still living in this moment? “Effect will be much more similar to world war. ” Unemployment will happen and will have impact on livelihoods. Steps for Pand. include Recover and Reset. People want more security. Next Crisis is the “Climiate-Crisis” a kind of “Climate-Virus”, as Schwab knows it already today.

5 Priorities from Mr. Schwab

  • Redefine Socal Contact – Integration, Talent Pooling, Social Contract – Segregation Problem (like China’s Social Credit System )
  • Carbondioxide Payments for the Green Economy to prevent the “let’s say – Environmental Virus” – K.Schwab (Made in Europe, we are experts in being banana republic)
  • More Technology, but decentralized (Sillicon Valley)
  • From Shareholder – to Stakeholder (Social Credit)
  • Global Coorperation (Social Credit)

Lenin Statue


  • Livelihoods
  • Cultural Values
  • Coastal Defence
  • Cooling / Shading
  • Flood / Erosion / Planting Trees

Much love to all global shapers.

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