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Registering with RoboForex: To use CopyFX Signal Trading, you must first register on RoboForex. Go to the website and click on „Register“ in the top right corner. Fill out the registration form and confirm your email address.

Account opening: After registration, you can open a trading account. Click on the „Open account“ button in your profile and select the desired account model. Fill out the registration form and verify your identity and contact information.

Deposit: After opening an account, you can deposit money into your trading account. Click on the „Deposit“ button and select the desired payment method. Follow the instructions to transfer your money to your trading account.

Connecting RoboForex and CopyFX: After you have deposited money into your trading account, you need to connect it to CopyFX. Click on „CopyFX“ in your profile and select „Connect to RoboForex“. Follow the instructions to connect your trading account to CopyFX.

Search for traders or investors: Once your account is connected to CopyFX, you can search for traders or investors whose strategies you want to copy. Click on the „Trader Rating“ or „Investor Rating“ tab and use the filters to select the best traders or investors that match your requirements.

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Selecting as trader: After searching, you can select as investor whose trading strategy you want to copy. Click on the investor’s profile and review the trading history, risk analysis and other data to make an informed decision.

Copying trades: After you have selected a trader or investor, you can copy their trading strategy. Click on the „Copy“ button in his profile and enter the proportion you want to copy. Make sure you understand the trading conditions and risk before performing a copy operation.