Day 2: Is this the „Holy Graal“?

Fake Holy Graal

In the world of CopyFX Copy Trading, there are many different trading systems that traders use to manage their trades. Many beginners fall in love with grid systems some traders have in their robotrading portfolio because they look so beautiful and are seemingly easy to use. However, this beauty also hides a risk that needs to be understood before the full beauty can be realized. And unfortunately, this beauty also holds a kind of ugliness.

There are other strategies that express this ugliness in a different way, often they are more direct and show up on the chart faster. For example, risk management is much more relevant in grid systems than in other, less risky approaches. It is important to understand that not all systems are based on grid systems and that there are many different approaches that can be used to trade successfully. Ultimately, it depends on which strategy best suits the trader’s individual needs.

Other Holy Graals

Kings and warriors sought the Graal, but none could find it. It was said to constantly move, making its discovery a mystery beyond solving.

Yet, there existed a secret organization dedicated to the Multiquantitative Way of the Graal. They believed that the Graal was controlled by an algorithm – a pattern that could only be found by not seeking it. For the more one adhered to a particular algorithm, the farther they strayed from the true goal.

The organization met in a hidden cave deep in the mountains, studying ancient maps and scriptures to uncover clues to the Graal’s algorithm. But the puzzle only grew more complex. Their search was filled with danger and adventure, fending off warriors, robbers, and navigating treacherous mazes and forests. Still, they persisted, for the Multiquantitative Way was the only means to solve the mystery.

Years passed, and many members of the organization died before unraveling the Graal’s algorithm. But one day, the last survivor had a vision on his deathbed, and he saw the pattern of the Graal’s algorithm. The Holy Grail existed, but it never remained in a fixed place. Only those who followed the Multiquantitative Way could uncover its mystery.

The legend of the Holy Grail persists to this day, with many still seeking it. But few possess the knowledge and wisdom to follow the Multiquantitative Path and discover the Graal’s secrets.

In summary, discovering the Holy Grail is akin to solving the Riemann Hypothesis.